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created this network in March 2012.
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A Letter From President Obama

The White House, Washington Dear Ivan: This is just a quick note to send my warmest regards and offer a few words of encouragement. Sometimes, we face challenges that seem almost impossible to overcome. When you find yourself struggling, be reminded of the founding promise of our Nation—that, as Americans, we believe all things are possible for all people. By setting your sights high and having faith in yourself, you can meet your greatest aspirations and inspire those around you to do the same. I wish you all the best for the future. Sincerely, Barack Obama Visit WhiteHouse.gov facebook Facebook twitter Twitter youtube YouTube flickr Flickr itunes iTunes

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Monster Beats Publishing ASCAP CERTIFIED PUBLISHER The Ceo of this record label and website is the Grammy Nominated artist Ivan The great, Ivan is the first Rapper producer to get a record deal while rapping on top of a custom beat, in 1986 Curtis blow was the biggest rapper, NWA was the biggest group and sampling was the only term known to dr Dre. Ivan wanted to be a rapper too but he could not DJ like Dr Dre and did not want to learn. Ivan was a base player and funk was his thing. so in 1986 Ivan purchased a 4 track recorder with a 808 drum machine a Roland synth and a mic with SBX 90 and started making beats and rapping on them. the music was first submitted to Columbia records Suzan slammer Monkey see Monkey do. but it was not perfected later the sound would be perfected but sent to Macola Records a distributor and not a record label where it would sit for 6 yrs. don't really remember the year Macola called I think 1991. how ever they set up the meeting @ 11am I got there early they were late and by that time I was preaching Jesus. community was most important at that time to me. Some consider Ivan a legend in the los Angeles community. I went inn sat down I ask Dr Dre what was going on he I don't know I am here to meet some BODY so I said me too and God led me out why I only know now. amen.1986 demo consisted of robo cop, Drop The Beat, Be My baby. magic love was pressed and so was Monkey see Monkey do !



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